Top rap lyrics: The 50 best food-related hip-hop lyrics (2022)

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50. Ghostface Killah, "Apollo Kids" (Supreme Clientele, 2000) 49. Big Daddy Kane, "Platinum Plus" (Big L's The Big Picture, 2000) 48. 50 Cent, "21 Questions" (Get Rich or Die Tryin', 2003) 47. Kanye West, "Niggas in Paris" (Watch the Throne, 2011) 46. Young Jeezy, "Put On" (The Recession, 2008) 45. E-40, "Gouda" (My Ghetto Report Card, 2006) 44. The Notorious B.I.G., "Hypnotize" (Life After Death, 1997) 43. LL Cool J, "Milky Cereal" (Mama Said Knock You Out, 1990) 42. Childish Gambino, "That Power" (Camp, 2011) 41. Ludacris, "Southern Hospitality" (Back for the First Time, 2000) 40. Edan, "Beautiful Food" (Sprain Your Tapedeck, 2001) 39. Das Racist, "Rainbow in the Dark" (Shut Up, Dude; 2010) 38. Rick Ross, "I Love My Bitches" (God Forgives, I Don't; 2012) 37. Cee Lo Green, "Soul Food" (Goodie Mob's Soul Food, 1995) 36. Kelis, "Milkshake" (Tasty, 2003) 35. Young Dro, "Grand Hustle Mafia" (Grand Hustle Presents: In da Streetz Volume 4; 2006) 34. Lil' Bow Wow, "Take Ya Home" (Doggy Bag, 2001) 33. The Streets, "Don't Mug Yourself" (Original Pirate Material, 2002) 32. Action Bronson, "Tapas" (Peter Rosenberg's What's Poppin Volume 1 Mixtape, 2011) 31. Fat Boys, "All You Can Eat" (Krush Groove Original Soundtrack, 1985) 30. Fabolous, "You Ain't Got Nothin' " (Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, 2008) 29. MF Doom, "Beef Rapp" (Mm.. Food, 2004) 28. Puff Daddy, "It's All About the Benjamins" (No Way Out, 1997) 27. Jay-Z, "Go Crazy" (Young Jeezy's Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, 2005) 26. Method Man, "Ice Cream" (Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, 1995) 25. Talib Kweli, "Back Up Offa Me" (The Beautiful Struggle, 2004) 24. Ice Cube, "It Was a Good Day" (The Predator, 1992) 23. Lil Wayne, "6 Foot 7 Foot" (Tha Carter IV, 2011) 22. Big Pun, "Banned from TV" (Endangered Species, 2001) 21. Roots Manuva, "Witness (1 Hope)" (Run Come Save Me, 2011) 20. Snoop Dogg, "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" (Dr. Dre's The Chronic, 1992) 19. Guerilla Black, "Compton" (Guerilla City, 2004) 18. Necro, "Food for Thought" (The Pre-Fix for Death, 2004) 17. Jay-Z, "Maybach Music 2 (Lost Verse)" 16. Dead Prez, "Be Healthy" (Let's Get Free, 2000) 15. The Sugarhill Gang, "Rappers Delight" (Sugarhill Gang, 1980) 14. Drake, "The Ride" (Take Care, 2011) 13. Fat Tony, "U Ain't Fat" (RABDARGAB, 2010) 12. Kanye West, "Last Call" (The College Dropout, 2004) 11. Inspectah Deck, "House of Flying Daggers" (Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Part II, 2009) 10. Run-D.M.C., "Christmas in Hollis" (A Very Special Christmas, 1987) 9. De La Soul, "Bitties in the BK Lounge" (De La Soul Is Dead, 1991) 8. Jay-Z, "Success" (American Gangster, 2007) 7. Cam'ron, "Wet Wipes" (Killa Season, 2006) 6. Juelz Santana, "S.AN.T.A.N.A" (The Diplomats's Diplomatic Immunity 2, 2004) 5. Nas, "Fried Chicken" (Untitled, 2008) 4. Slick Rick, "Mona Lisa" (The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, 1988) 3. Beastie Boys, "3 the Hard Way" (To the 5 Boroughs, 2004) 2. A Tribe Called Quest, "Ham 'N' Eggs" (People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, 1990) 1. Rakim, "Eric B. Is President" (Eric B. and Rakim's Paid in Full, 1987) Related content Videos

Girls, cars and jewelry are well-documented tropes of hip-hop, but anyone who listens to enough rap knows that eating is one of the genre's most pervasive obsessions. From the Sugarhill Gang to Drake, MCs have demonstrated a constant urge to document what's on their plate. Sometimes, food is used as a cultural signifier to describe the rags-to-riches journey, which might start with Hamburger Helper but end with filet mignon. At other times it plays into metaphors of consumption, with artists such as Lil Wayne (who calls himself "the rapper eater") describing the ravenous manner in which they gobble up the competition. And that's not to mention all of the food-related slang in rap: cheese for money, beef for grudges and so on.

To survey the full breadth of culinary references in hip-hop, we've rounded up 50 of the lines that never fail to hit us in the gut. Did we miss any of your favorites? Leave a comment here, or holler at us on Twitter (@thefeednyc) using the hashtag #foodrap.

50. Ghostface Killah, "Apollo Kids" (Supreme Clientele, 2000)

The lyric: "Ayo, this rap is like ziti, facin' me real TV / Crash at high speeds, strawberry kiwi."

Ghost explained this enigmatic couplet in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: "The rap's good because it's like ziti, which was my best food back then. I threw 'strawberry kiwi' on because I'm into experimenting. I was thinking of a style to write without nobody knowing what I was saying except for me."

49. Big Daddy Kane, "Platinum Plus" (Big L's The Big Picture, 2000)

The lyric: "Come in the hood flippin' the chicken-and-broccoli Timbs."

Those would be brown-and-green Timberland boots, a must-have fashion accessory on the streets of late-'90s New York.

48. 50 Cent, "21 Questions" (Get Rich or Die Tryin', 2003)

The lyric: "I love you like a fat kid love cake."

Though purists balked at this corny line, Fiddy—ever the shrewd marketer—knew exactly what he was doing: turning a nation of teen girls into gangster-rap fans. It's safe to say that the line dominated the demographic's AIM away messages for much of 2003.

47. Kanye West, "Niggas in Paris" (Watch the Throne, 2011)

The lyric: "That shit cray, ain't it Jay? / What she order? Fish filet?"

We're not sure if this insta-meme boosted McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sales or sent them into a slump. Fertile ground for an infographic, it would seem.

46. Young Jeezy, "Put On" (The Recession, 2008)

The lyric: "Big wheels, big straps, you know I like it supersized / Passenger's a redbone, her weave look like some curly fries / Inside fish sticks, outside tartar sauce / Pocket full of celery, imagine what she telling me / Blowing on asparagus, the realest shit I ever smoked."

...and so on and so forth. Jeezy is a food-rap legend—this snippet is merely a taster.

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45. E-40, "Gouda" (My Ghetto Report Card, 2006)

The lyric: "Aye, I buy the weed man / Hella turkey bags just to put my weed in / Oh, we gettin' chalupa / Wrapped cheese in a rubber band and call it gouda."

It's safe to say that no rapper in history has known the name of more cheeses than E-40. If only he worked at Murray's.

44. The Notorious B.I.G., "Hypnotize" (Life After Death, 1997)

The lyric: "I can fill you with real millionaire shit: escargot."

If Biggie had written this song today, he might have replaced escargot with "omakase dinners at Masa."

43. LL Cool J, "Milky Cereal" (Mama Said Knock You Out, 1990)

The lyric: "Then there was Pebbles, times was rough / She was turning Trix, to get a Cocoa Puff."

LL sort of betrays the limits of his lyrical agility on this conceptual track, which is full of clunky puns on name-brand cereals. But there are a few choice lines, and we love the bizarre way in which he says "Cocoa Puff."

42. Childish Gambino, "That Power" (Camp, 2011)

The lyric: "MM..Food? like Rapp Snitch Knishes / Cuz it's Oreos, Twinkies, coconuts, delicious."

Here's some meta food rap for you: Gambino (also known as comedian Donald Glover) references the MF Doom album MM..Food? and its track "Rapp Snitch Knishes," then meditates on biracial identity via some gastronomic allusions of his own (Oreo, Twinkie and coconut are slurs for people who are said to be "white" inside despite the color of their skin).

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41. Ludacris, "Southern Hospitality" (Back for the First Time, 2000)

The lyric: "Dirty South mind-blowing Dirty South bread / Catfish fried up, Dirty South fed."

Luda would later release an album called Chicken-n-Beer, but it was here that he established his love for Southern-fried delicacies.

40. Edan, "Beautiful Food" (Sprain Your Tapedeck, 2001)

The lyric: "I'm talking about Chicken la King / Mango and garbanzo / Tabouli / Grilled potatoes and vegetables / With roasted garlic and basil / Zucchini ziti / Granola fruit bar..."

This grocery-list--style joint from the Boston-based emcee is comprised solely of the names of different foods. To our knowledge, it is also the only rap song to ever feature a shout-out to tabouli.

39. Das Racist, "Rainbow in the Dark" (Shut Up, Dude; 2010)

The lyric: "I'm at White Castle, tiny-ass hamburgers, tiny-ass cheeseburgers, tiny-ass chicken sandwiches—it's outlandish kid."

The duo behind the oddball hit "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" celebrate their fast-food fetish once again on this track. But don't pigeonhole them as lowbrow eaters—later in the song, they hint at their refined tastes with the line, "We could eat the flyest cave-aged cheese for sheez, ma."

38. Rick Ross, "I Love My Bitches" (God Forgives, I Don't; 2012)

The lyric: "Am I really just a narcissist / 'Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?"

Narcissist? Maybe. Fatso? Most definitely.

37. Cee Lo Green, "Soul Food" (Goodie Mob's Soul Food, 1995)

The lyric: "A heapin' helpin' of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and collard greens / Too big for my jeans."

Before he became a global megastar with hits like "Crazy" and "Fuck You," Cee Lo rapped about getting fat on delicious food in Atlanta.

36. Kelis, "Milkshake" (Tasty, 2003)

The lyric: "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard / And they're like, 'It's better than yours.'"

Love it or hate it, Kelis's euphemistic chorus has successfully cemented its spot in the pop lexicon.

Top rap lyrics: The 50 best food-related hip-hop lyrics (2)

35. Young Dro, "Grand Hustle Mafia" (Grand Hustle Presents: In da Streetz Volume 4; 2006)

The lyric: "What you know 'bout shark meat, perch and tilapia?"

That sounds like some big-boss pescatarian eatin' right there, Dro. But we're concerned about the rest of your diet: "Alligator, dog meat, caviar—we mafia."

34. Lil' Bow Wow, "Take Ya Home" (Doggy Bag, 2001)

The lyric: "I got 'em scattered, covered, smothered like hash browns / See I'm the best just ask around."

Back when Bow Wow was still li'l, he paid homage to the famous hash browns at Waffle House, which you can get "scattered" (spread on the grill), "smothered" (with onions) and "covered" (with cheese).

33. The Streets, "Don't Mug Yourself" (Original Pirate Material, 2002)

The lyric: "Chatting shit, sitting at the wall table, telling jokes, playing with the salt, lookin' out the window / Girl brings two plates of full English over, with plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomato."

Mike Skinner, the original don of geezer rap, refers here to a full English breakfast, which traditionally includes some combination of eggs, tomato, toast, sausage, mushrooms, bacon and baked beans.

32. Action Bronson, "Tapas" (Peter Rosenberg's What's Poppin Volume 1 Mixtape, 2011)

The lyric: "I'm on the art and the food scene / Fuck rap, laying back eatin' poutine."

After giving up cooking for music, Queens rapper Action Bronson has quickly become one of the most fecund practitioners of food rap, lacing songs like "Brunch" and "Jerk Chicken" with culinary references. He even dropped a mixtape called Bon Appetit...Bitch!!!!!

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31. Fat Boys, "All You Can Eat" (Krush Groove Original Soundtrack, 1985)

The lyric: "$3.99 for all you can eat / Well, I'm a stuff my face to a funky beat."

If this video is any indication, Sbarro used to be the greatest restaurant in New York.

30. Fabolous, "You Ain't Got Nothin' " (Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III, 2008)

The lyric: "My lil' man is on ya, Marlon and Shawn ya / Lay the beef on his noodle / Make some luger lasagna / 40-cal fettuccine, trey-pound pasta / You reach for this medallion, you must like Italian."

Guns made out of pasta sound like a gangster Giuseppe Arcimboldo painting. Side note: On the same track, Juelz Santana reminds us to never invite him to a cocktail party with the line, "Haven't you all heard? / Y'all all herbs (yep) / I stick toothpicks (where?) / In y'all hors d'oeuvres." Cheeky bastard!

Top rap lyrics: The 50 best food-related hip-hop lyrics (3)

29. MF Doom, "Beef Rapp" (Mm.. Food, 2004)

The lyric: "Beef rap could lead to getting teeth capped / Or even a wreath for ma dukes on some grief crap / I suggest you change your diet / It can lead to high blood pressure if you fry it."

The masked indie rapper crafted this entire indie album—an anagram of the name MF Doom—around food-inspired samples (including "Would You Like a Snack?" by Frank Zappa) and lyrical references. Other tracks include "Hoe Cakes," "Fillet-O-Rapper" and "Kon Queso."

28. Puff Daddy, "It's All About the Benjamins" (No Way Out, 1997)

The lyric: "Yeah, living the raw deal, three-course meal / Spaghetti, fettuccini and veal."

Six years later, Diddy would put all that carbo-loading to good use by running the New York City Marathon.

27. Jay-Z, "Go Crazy" (Young Jeezy's Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101, 2005)

The lyric: "More than a hustler, I'm the definition of it / Master chef, lord of the kitchen cupboard."

Sure, Jigga's talking about cooking crack, not duck confit. Nonetheless, we appreciate his Gordon Ramsay-like vigor behind the burner. If only he would lay down a verse over some "buttery biscuit base."

26. Method Man, "Ice Cream" (Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, 1995)

The lyric: "Watch these rap niggas get all up in your guts / French vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate deluxe / Even caramel sundaes is getting touched / And scooped in my ice cream truck—Wu tears it up."

Fun fact: That guy in the background yelling, "The ice cream man is coming!" is Eddie Murphy.

25. Talib Kweli, "Back Up Offa Me" (The Beautiful Struggle, 2004)

The lyric: "Tried to tell you not to fuck with these debutantes / That's more Kobe beef than Japanese restaurants."

In the wake of Kobe Bryant's 2003 sexual assault case, Talib reiterates some oldie-but-goodie advice.

24. Ice Cube, "It Was a Good Day" (The Predator, 1992)

The lyric: "No barkin' from the dog, no smog—and momma cooked up breakfast with no hog / I got my grub on but didn't pig out, finally got a call from this girl I want to dig out."

Best. Day. Ever.

23. Lil Wayne, "6 Foot 7 Foot" (Tha Carter IV, 2011)

The lyric: "Paper chasin', tell that paper, 'Look I'm right behind ya' / Bitch, real Gs move in silence like lasagna."

Is Lil Wayne employing metonymy here, using lasagna—a dish associated with Italian gangsters—to represent the mob as a whole? Or does he just not realize that the g in lasagna isn't actually silent? (Or maybe it is silent?) These are the questions that keep us awake at night.

22. Big Pun, "Banned from TV" (Endangered Species, 2001)

The lyric: "Champagne on the rocks, rockin' a Fort Knox Lazarus / Shark salad with carrots, pork chops and applesauce."

Further evidence that Big Pun would eat absolutely anything.

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21. Roots Manuva, "Witness (1 Hope)" (Run Come Save Me, 2011)

The lyric: "Right now, I see clearer than most / I sit here contented with this cheese on toast."

Other rappers obsess over caviar dreams and how many bottles of Ciroc are at the table. But Roots Manuva is happy with the simplest of English comfort foods: some melted cheddar, a piece of toast and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Lovey jubbly.

20. Snoop Dogg, "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" (Dr. Dre's The Chronic, 1992)

The lyric: "Falling back on that ass, with a hellafied gangsta lean / Getting funky on the mike, like a old batch of collard greens."

File next to kombucha, Dr. Dre beats and fermented pork sausage at Zabb Elee on the list of stuff that's funky.

19. Guerilla Black, "Compton" (Guerilla City, 2004)

The lyric: "Keep my enemies on IV, once I toast them / Just like my bagels / Have 'em like Christians over they head, smoking halo."

We could never figure out if this was some sort of subversive commentary on Jewish-Christian relations. Unfortunately, Guerilla Black's flash-in-the-pan career didn't provide further opportunity to dig into his religious views.

18. Necro, "Food for Thought" (The Pre-Fix for Death, 2004)

The lyric: "You're lost in the sauce as it clogs your vessels / I'll undo the blouse of your spouse and give her my house special / My raps are hot and sour, they choke you / You make no moves like a vegetable, you're fake like tofu."

Horrorcore legend Necro reimagines the local Chinese joint as a hellish torture chamber, where fortune cookies read: "Very soon in the future you'll vomit green."

17. Jay-Z, "Maybach Music 2 (Lost Verse)"

The lyric: "Six-deuce every time, I never had the Heinz / Fifty-seven can't ketchup [catch up] to mines."

This clever double entendre requires some unpacking: The Maybach 57 and 62 are models of Mercedes-Benz's most luxurious line of cars. Jay-Z calls the 57 "the Heinz," referring to the Heinz 57 slogan found on ketchup bottles. The 62, which he prefers, is referred to here as the "six-deuce."

16. Dead Prez, "Be Healthy" (Let's Get Free, 2000)

The lyric: "I'm from the old school, my household smell like soul food, bruh / Curried falafel, barbecued tofu."

Ignore the part about smoking ganja, and this ode to healthy eating provides a great rebuttal to critics who say rap music is a bad influence.

15. The Sugarhill Gang, "Rappers Delight" (Sugarhill Gang, 1980)

The lyric: "Have you ever went over a friend's house to eat and the food just ain't no good? / I mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed, and the chicken tastes like wood."

In his verse from hip-hop's foundational posse cut, Wonder Mike describes that awkward experience of going to someone's house and trying to weasel out of eating a crappy meal.

14. Drake, "The Ride" (Take Care, 2011)

The lyric: "And you do dinners at French Laundry in Napa Valley / Scallops and glasses of Dolce, that shit's right up your alley."

While most new-money rappers are still talking about surf and turf and bottle service, Drizzy separates himself from the pack with this knowing nod to Thomas Keller's haute-cuisine temple. We'd love to know if the French Laundry sommelier really recommended that Dolce for the scallops.

13. Fat Tony, "U Ain't Fat" (RABDARGAB, 2010)

The lyric: "I was once a chubby brat / Chillin' with my mom, buying jeans off the husky rack / Skipping collard greens and beans for a Kit Kat."

If you've got food issues, here's your theme song. Houston-based rapper Fat Tony raps frankly about his body-image struggles, and in the video finds himself hallucinating about a waiter with a face made of pizza and a store clerk with Kit Kats for hands.

12. Kanye West, "Last Call" (The College Dropout, 2004)

The lyric: "Mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips."

While plenty of hip-hop heads have questioned Kanye's lyrical dexterity, this witty bit of wordplay had everyone pressing rewind on his debut album. Whips refers to cars, while miracle may be a reference to the near-fatal crash that 'Ye survived in 2002.

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11. Inspectah Deck, "House of Flying Daggers" (Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Part II, 2009)

The lyric: "I pop off like a mobster boss / Angel hair with the lobster sauce."

We might go with linguine when enjoying a nice lobster sauce, but we know better than to mess with the Wu-Tang Clan.

10. Run-D.M.C., "Christmas in Hollis" (A Very Special Christmas, 1987)

The lyric: "It's Christmas time in Hollis, Queens / Mom's cooking chicken and collard greens."

Hip-hop's finest contribution to the Christmas song canon includes a rundown of Run-D.M.C.'s preferred holiday spread.

9. De La Soul, "Bitties in the BK Lounge" (De La Soul Is Dead, 1991)

The lyric: "Well, it was a Wednesday, me and Boss Hog was kinda hungry / Like two eggs, and a slop beef slice of lettuce / And a glass of milk and some cookies."

This fine example of storytelling rap recounts the perils of hollering at women in a Burger King.

8. Jay-Z, "Success" (American Gangster, 2007)

The lyric: "How many times can I go to Mr. Chow's, Tao's, Nobu? / Hold up, let me move my bowels."

In chronicling the nihilism of fame and wealth, Mr. Carter wonders how much fine dining one man can stomach. #rapperproblems

Top rap lyrics: The 50 best food-related hip-hop lyrics (4)

7. Cam'ron, "Wet Wipes" (Killa Season, 2006)

The lyric: "Had a drunken mind, club wobbled out / Next stop: Start trouble inside the Waffle House."

It's tough to choose just one foodie reference from the man who once referred to himself as "the sushi king," but this example remains an all-time favorite. Taken in the context of "Killa Cam," on which he calls himself "the hooligan at Houlihan's," it's clear that Cam'ron is a restaurant manager's worst nightmare.

6. Juelz Santana, "S.AN.T.A.N.A" (The Diplomats's Diplomatic Immunity 2, 2004)

The lyric: "I ain't here to wine ya / I ain't here to dine ya / I came here to pop ya / And I came here for lobster / The whole damn shebang, and they ain't bring the pasta."

This video always makes us feel a little sorry for Juelz: Even in the trattoria of his wildest dreams, he can't get good service. Get this guy to a Danny Meyer restaurant, stat.

5. Nas, "Fried Chicken" (Untitled, 2008)

The lyric: "Mmm, fried chicken, fly vixen / Give me heart disease but need you in my kitchen."

This love letter to deep-fried fowl is perhaps the best high-concept food rap of all time. Nas and Busta Rhymes both deliver well-crafted verses about how the food they love the most is killing them.

4. Slick Rick, "Mona Lisa" (The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, 1988)

The lyric: "I went into a store, to buy a slice of pizza / And bumped into a girl, her name was Mona (what?) Mona Lisa."

Eminem gives Slick Rick's old-fashioned courtship a more sinister spin on "As the World Turns," when he raps, "I met a slut and said, 'What up, it's nice to meet ya / I'd like to treat ya to a Faygo and a slice of pizza.'"

3. Beastie Boys, "3 the Hard Way" (To the 5 Boroughs, 2004)

The lyric: "Oops, gotcha, clutch like Piazza / Sneak between the sheets so hide the matzo / Holler back challah"

Thanks to the Beastie Boys, Jewish foodstuffs like matzo and challah found their way into the rap vocabulary.

2. A Tribe Called Quest, "Ham 'N' Eggs" (People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, 1990)

The lyric: "I don't eat no ham and eggs, 'cause they're high in cholesterol / Ayo, Phife do you eat 'em? No, Tip do you eat 'em? / Uh-uh, not at all."

If you yearn for the days when a rapper could say, "asparagus tips look yummy, yummy, yummy" and still sound dope, this is the track for you.

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1. Rakim, "Eric B. Is President" (Eric B. and Rakim's Paid in Full, 1987)

The lyric: "You scream I'm lazy, you must be crazy / Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me."

Rakim is likely the most oft-quoted MC in hip-hop history, and this line ranks among his most memorable.

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FIVE ARTISTS WHO CHANGED THE WAY WE USE LYRICS IN HIP HOP. influenced the lyrics of many great Hip Hop songs we love and listen to today.. Most rappers on this list influenced Hip Hop by changing the topic of their lyrics.. Since then opinions have definitely turned around and many critics will now argue that the album was in fact so far ahead of its time, that at its release critics couldn’t comprehend its value quite yet – as is usually the case with revolutionary works of art.. It’s obviously no coincidence that almost any real Hip Hop head will tell you that Rakim should in fact be on those DOA lists and might even make a solid argument to be mentioned as the best rapper of all time.. But when did we really start paying attention to rap lyricism, recognizing its potential to be an influential form of poetic art?. After his debut album – which many will agree on was, interestingly enough, also his best album – Nas went on to become the most successful lyrical rapper of all time.. And that, in the end, has allowed Hip Hop to grow into the infinitely diverse form of art it is today.

UK rap and football have enjoyed a history of brotherly proportions. From Yannick Bolasie and Bradley Wright-Phillips sparring against each other on classic ‘Lord of the Mics‘ sets, right through to the likes of Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford being boys with Stormzy and Not3s in 2018, the two worlds… read more »

Up there with his best bars.. While Victor Wanyama has taken fair few Ls in his time as a Spurs player, including his name in a bar takes tekkers, with AJ comparing Spurs’ holding midfielder’s defensive ability to how he blocks taking Ls.. “My man are United like Giggs, I will never leave my Young Gunners like Thierry”. Skepta’s not exactly renowned for his football bars – he doesn’t even support a team – but this surprise bar from back in the day references Giggs’ one-team-man antics with Manchester United as well as Thierry Henry’s decision to leave Arsenal for Barcelona.. Renowned for backing United to the hilt, Youngs work rate when it comes to reeling off football bars is reminiscent of Rooney in his prime.. T Mula explains this one himself in this bar, which shouts out a manager in Jose Mourinho who may not be “managing it” for much longer.. Penning a song in the name of the young striker when he first started making his breakthrough, Youngs compares his young bulls to the Rashford, who is now an established Prem player.

Coming up with a list of the top 50 best rap songs of all time is guaranteed to spark some controversy. People are passionate about music, and few things in life inspire more raw emotion in our lives than listening to our favorite songs. With that in mind I’ve tried to remain as objective as […]

Still, no matter how much you might hate Vanilla Ice and his one hit song, you can’t deny for a brief time it was the biggest hit in music in any genre, and was the first hip hop song to reach the top of the Billboard charts.. Cool J and Kool Moe Dee would find themselves back to back on the list of the best rap and hip hop songs of all time.. Though some rap music purists actually consider this one of his weaker tracks, I feel this is the song that helped bring Tupac’s music to the mainstream masses, and for that reasons (plus the fact that it is still a great song) it holds a deserving spot on this list.. 28 – House of Pain – Jump Around – One of the biggest one hit wonder songs of all time and one of the best rap songs of the 90s, Jump Around was a massive hit in the early 90s, particularly in night clubs, packing dance floors with jumping moshers every time the DJ cued it up.. 15 – 2Pac – Dear Mama – A song dedicated by his mom, this classic track is considered by many contemporary artists as one of the best hip hop songs ever recorded, and rap superstar Eminem in the past declared it his favorite song.. From the album Ill Communication this song would sit comfortably atop a list of the top 10 Beastie Boys songs, and the accompanying music video is one of the all time classics.. Hard-hitting and racially charged the album remains one of the most critically acclaimed hip hop albums of all time, and Fight the Power its signature song, is a classic rap anthem.. 1 – The Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight – Though they do not have the resume of many other artists on this list of the top 50 best rap songs of all time, The Sugarhill Gang have the distinction of recording the first ever hip hop song to crack the top 40 on the mainstream Billboard charts, reaching as high as #36 way back in 1979.

Picking hip-hop's greatest songs is an incredibly difficult (and incredibly fun) undertaking, considering the various styles that have splintered the genre every way imaginable. Now 40 years old, hip-hop no more belongs to Bronx originators than it does to today's kids; its popularity has stretched to all corners, and the...

Picking hip-hop's greatest songs is an incredibly difficult (and incredibly fun) undertaking, considering the various styles that have splintered the genre every way imaginable.. The most memorable song off the best rap album of the '00s , “Izzo (H.O.V.A.. Producer Kanye West wasn't the first to sample the Jackson 5's “I Want You Back” ( even that year ) but, cliched or not, it's hard to imagine a more perfect flip.. Willie Hutch's “I Choose You” had already been used on Project Pat's 2002 song “Choose U,” but the sample was immortalized five years later on “International Players Anthem,” featuring the southern rap dream team of UGK and Outkast.. Missy Elliot, the Hawksian Heroine of hip-hop, spits quite literally all over your conventional rap bullshit on “Get Ur Freak On.” Probably the most quirky-catchy track in the genre's history, it takes one of those tabla-tumi bhangra hooks that were all the rage in the early aughts to the cosmic heights of timeless eccentricity.. Plus, music critics absolutely lost their minds for the song, which is no surprise, considering the complex internal rhyme structures on lines like, “But you's a scary dude/ Believed by very few/ Just keep it very cool/ Or we will bury you.” -Chaz Kangas. It doesn't sound much like rap music today; its interpolation of Kraftwerk's “Trans Europe Express” hints more at its massive (simultaneous) influence in the realm of dance music.. With an audio clip from Young Guns , an eerie, whistling hook, and sample of Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin,’” you’re in the passenger’s seat of Nate Dogg’s ride on Long Beach's east side, under the moonlight, searching for girls and the homie, Warren G. Things go awry, but “Regulate” shows off one of the one of rap's most memorable earworms, and some of the best story-telling in G-funk history.. Using a bass line from Chic’s “Good Times,” the Sugar Hill Gang put what would become timeless hip-hop memes into nearly every stanza, with a sense of wordplay, rhythm, and cadence that somehow doesn't sound at all dated.. Capping it off, the song was inducted into the Library of Congress in 2010, one of only five hip-hop songs to receive this distinction.. “Juicy” is a rags-to-riches anthem that describes his rapid ascension from slanger to rap star, mixing hard urban truths with the joys of excess, Biggie was at the forefront of a group of MCs who ushered in the second wave of East Coast rap, combining bombastic swagger with a perfection of craft.. The first song that truly showcased what rap was capable of, “The Message” came only four years into recorded rap history.. But unlike the songs that came before it, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five's magnum opus wasn't just interested in rocking the party and shouting out zodiac signs.. Arguably the most important song in the genre's history, it changed hip-hop's format; instead of attempting to re-create the party atmosphere on wax, it shifted the focus to structured songwriting.. “Nuthin' But a G Thang” (1992) Dr. Dre “Nuthin't But a G Thang” is two South L.A. hip-hop prodigies hotwiring a dusty relic from the Wattstax era and taking us on the smoothest joyride hip-hop has ever seen.

Music is a great way to express yourself. However, some songs have become more famous than others. Check out the top 100 best song lyrics of all time.

Shots shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots – LMFAO feat.. Working at the car wash (oh oh, yeah yeah) At the car wash, yeah (ooh ooh ooh) At the car wash (ow said, now come and work it with me now, yeah) Working at the car wash, yeah – Christina Aguilera feat.. So I put my hands up They’re playing my song, And the butterflies fly away Noddin’ my head like, yeah Movin’ my hips like, yeah I got my hands up, They’re playin’ my song You know I’m gonna be okay Yeah, it’s a party in the USA – Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA. ‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake I shake it off, I shake it off – Taylor Swift, Shake it Off. When I wake up yeah I know I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you – The Proclaimers, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). By the rivers of babylon (dark tears of babylon) There we sat down (you got to sing a song) Ye-eah we wept, (sing a song of love) When we remember zion (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) – Boney M, Rivers of Babylon. Don’t want to close my eyes I don’t want to fall asleep ‘Cause I’d miss you baby And I don’t want to miss a thing – Aerosmith, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

The number of unique lyrics used within artists’ first 35,000 lyrics

This project was originally published in 2014 and recently updated in January 2019 with newer lyrics data and 75 additional artists, including Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Migos, and 21 Savage.. It compares the number of unique words used by some of the most famous artists in hip hop (that is, an example of a quantitive view of lyricism, once proposed by Tahir Hemphill ).. I used each artist’s first 35,000 lyrics.. This way, prolific artists, such as Jay-Z, can be compared to newer artists, such as Drake.. # of Unique Words Used Within Artist’s First 35,000 Lyrics. Since the original release, there’s now a notable trend of fewer unique words among newer artists.. This is easier to see in the following chart, where I highlighted each artist’s primary decade, based on album release dates for their vocabulary calculation (the first 35,000 lyrics).. # of Unique Words Used Within Artist’s First 35,000 lyrics. (1) Since this analysis uses an artist’s first 35,000 lyrics (prioritizing studio albums), an artist’s era is determined by the years the albums were released.. Some of the newer artists wield a smaller vocabulary comparatively, but this is not because hip hop has “dumbed down.” The genre has evolved; it has moved away from complex lyricism toward elements traditionally associated with pop music: repetitive song structure and singing (Joe Carmanica recently wrote about this trend for the New York Times , arguing that it was led by Drake, who popularized the rapping-and-singing formula over the past decade).. A better benchmark for Lil Uzi Vert’s word count (2,556) might be those of pop artists, such as Beyonce (2,433 words), or even one his major influences : Marilyn Manson (2,466 words).. # of Unique Words Used in 500 Random Samples of 35,000 Lyrics from Country, Rock, Hip Hop. In short, if artists depart from hip-hop song structure, we’d expect their vocabulary to go down in the number of unique words.. He and Aesop Rock are the only rappers with more than 7,000 unique words in their first 35,000 lyrics.. Each word is counted once, so pimps , pimp , pimping , and pimpin are four unique words.

HipHopDX's best rap songs so far, featuring Clipse, Dave, EST Gee, 42 Dugg and more.

In July, fans received unlikely collaborations like Cardi B, Kanye West and Lil Durk, more choice music from Black Thought and Danger Mouse, a return to form for Lloyd Banks and Joey Bada$$ and the unstoppable force that is Glorilla.. “Tony Montana Flow” proves two things: Keef’s Scarface accent is the best thing in rap this year and Akachi is quickly climbing the producing ranks.. “Hot Shit,” co-starring Lil Durk and Kanye West, takes that energy and turns it to 11: “One thing I never gotta call a bitch for is a truce,” Cardi raps with fangs bared.. While Cardi handles her business as usual, remaining the best rapper on the track, she does something that no rapper has been able to do in years — get Kanye to rap well.. “Pinky swear you ain’t scared when you heard Ye appeared/I’ma hop up out the bushes me and Pusha kill your man.” It’s a relief to hear Kanye actually rapping again, rather than sketching out skeletal songs that resemble voice memos.. As the wait continues for Pusha T’s forthcoming album produced by The Neptunes and Kanye West, fans were blessed with “Diet Coke.” Kingpin rap isn’t new to the G.O.O.D.. Spitting through the swirling textures of Alchemist’s soulful production, MAVI raps with a sense of glory and pride, his bars splintering into topics including metaphysics, the state of the nation and the success he’s experienced over the past few years.. Kanye West ‘s DONDA was met with mixed reception, but none can deny the intoxicating energy of “Off The Grid.” Including vintage Yeezus -esque production and some of Ye’s best bars of the album, “Off The Grid” also features arguably the greatest verse in Fivio Foreign’s career and punchy bars from Playboi Carti.. He claimed the best verse on Kanye West’s long-awaited Donda album and has a hit with cousin Kendrick Lamar on “family ties.” The song was released after Kendrick announced his forthcoming album will be his last with Top Dawg Entertainment.. Contributing writers: David Brake, Trent Clark, Kyle Eustice, Jeremy Hecht, Devon Jefferson, Dana Scott, Ben Brutocao, Anthony Malone, Kia Turner, Matthew Ritchie & Josh Svetz.

Hip hop lyrics that turn up the heart.

Shorty I’m there for you anytime you need me. For real girl, it’s me in your world, believe me. — Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige, “I’ll Be There For You / You’re All I Need”. Put down your bags love. I know in the past love. Has been sort of hard on you. But I see the God in you. I just want to nurture it. Though this love may hurt a bit. It’s your eye contact, that be getting me aroused. When you show me your mind, it make me wanna show you mines. Reflecting my light, when it shines, just takin’ our time. Before the night’s through, we could get physical too. I ain’t tryin’ to say I don’t wanna fuck, cuz I do. But for me boo, makin’ love is just as much mental. I like to know what I’m gettin’ into. Girl, in my eyes you the baddest. The reason why I love you, you don’t like me cuz my status. I don’t wanna see you with a carriage living average. I wanna do my thing so we be established. Cuz if so, girl you a blessing

Some rappers are known for being great lyricists, while some are known for their delivery, their stage presence, or their beats. No matter what they’re known for, the written word has always been a major part of hip hop, and sometimes it goes underappreciated for certain people. Here are 10...

Atmosphere is one of the most important rap duos to never really break into the mainstream, and Slug’s lyrics are a major part of that.. Since the '80s, he’s been a New York rap legend, but when people list the greatest MCs of all time, he’s rarely on the list.. While most of the legendary lyricists were busy rapping about fighting their enemies and murdering police, KRS-One was preaching to stop the violence.. AZ Remember when Nas dropped Illmatic and it didn’t include any major guests or features except for that one other dude on “Life’s a Bitch”?. Andre 3000 OutKast is always considered one of the greatest hip-hop duos of all time, but they’re usually more highly regarded for their beats and their ability to craft a song than their lyrics alone.. Also the best rapper to have a clear Marvel villain reference in his name, MF Doom has proved time and time again that he’s as good a producer and lyricist as has existed in the past 15 years.. MCA Realistically, all three of the Beastie Boys could be on this list.. MCA dropped some of the greatest lines of all time and should be remembered for them.. Rakim Ask a fan of ‘80s and ‘90s rap music who the top five lyricists of that era are, and Rakim is almost guaranteed to show up on the list.. He was the wordsmithing part of one of the most influential hip-hop duos of all time, and showed his phenomenal rhymes can continue without a partner in his solo work.. Seriously, young rappers should be listening to Rakim (and Nas) if they want to learn how to write world-class hip-hop lyrics.

Do you like rap songs? If you know the lyrics of popular rap songs, take this fun rap lyrics quiz. Nowadays, when new rap songs and rap singers are coming up, it becomes hard to remember all the lyrics of all the songs. But, if you are a true rap lover, you can easily ace this quiz. Here, in this quiz, you just need to complete the lyrics for a correct answer. All the best and have fun with this quiz! Share the quiz with other rap lovers.

X gon' give it to ya, he gon' give it to ya. X gon' give it to ya, he gon' give it to ya. Do you often wonder, thinking the same question, what genre of music do I like?. How do you like your music?. Take this epic quiz and get your answer to the question, 'what is my music taste'.. When do you usually listen to music?. Just because you like a certain genre of music doesn't mean you can sing or play.... Music is what you make it!

Kendrick Lamar exorcizes personal and societal demons in his first double-album, "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers."

Insider breaks down Lamar's latest album and we even highlight our favorite lyrics from each track.. Once my research was complete, I selected my favorite lyrics and assigned an extremely unscientific overall score to each song based on how many of my edges it snatched on the very first listen, and how many times I was forced to run it back since.. Score: 10/10 Some people I love are still disappointed that I let "them put that thing in my arm," so it felt validating to hear Lamar rap about suspicions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine in the Black community.. Best Lyrics: "Summer in the storm, I cannot conform / I just might love you still, just think I love me more / It ain't love if you gon' judge me for my past / No, it ain't love if you ain't never eat my ass / It ain't love if you just only tie me down because you seen me in my bag / That's why I'm anti-everyone before this mask". Score: 10/10 Lamar might use a mic and Tiktokers may use their camera's 4K setting, but the message is the same as the song's closing lyrics: "I can't please everybody.". Score: 10/10 This track feels the most connected to the album's prelude "The Heart Part 5" in which Lamar discusses living in a land where "hurt people more people.". In the fourth track on the second disc, which features Lamar's cousin Baby Keem and German spiritual self-help author Eckhart Tolle, the rapper sets the scene for the following song "Savior.". Best lyrics: "The industry wants n— and bitches to sleep in a box while they making a mockery followin' us / This ain't Monopoly, watchin' for love/ this ain't monogamy, y'all gettin' fucked". In the third track on disc two, Lamar appears to reject his role as the patron saint of commercially viable conscious rappers with the line "Like it when they pro-Black, but I'm more Kodak Black."

From 'Juice' to 'Wild Style' and '8 Mile,' here are some of the best hip-hop soundtracks that brought emerging artists to the mainstream.

One of the best hip-hop soundtracks from the music’s golden age, Krush Groove is a fictionalized biopic about the Def Jam label that was, oddly, filmed and released before Def Jam had even released an album.. Side note: New Edition were supposed to be on the soundtrack, flaked, and Tommy Boy rap-turned-vocal group Force MDs were called in at the last minute to record “Tender Love.” The song was a hit, resulting in a deal between Warner Bros and Tommy Boy.. When Dennis Hopper set about directing a highly fictionalized film about the gang problem in Los Angeles in 1988, LA rap veteran Ice-T was asked to include his song “Squeeze The Trigger” on the soundtrack.. “How To Survive In South Central” captures Cube in his prime, ensuring that the album earned its place among the best hip-hop soundtracks because the song was not initially included on any of his own releases (it later appeared as a bonus track a 2003 reissue of Death Certificate ).. Eric B & Rakim ‘s “Juice (Know The Ledge)” is the standout, but Rakim’s one-time rival Big Daddy Kane also delivers with “Nuff’ Respect.” Co-produced by Hank Shocklee, a member of Public Enemy ‘s Bomb Squad production team and co-owner of the short-lived SOUL imprint, Kane’s track incorporates pop culture references into lightning-fast braggadocious rhyming, including the confounding turn of phrase “Heavens to Murgatroyd,” uttered by Snagglepuss on The Yogi Bear Show.. This one is too fun not to include among the best hip-hop soundtracks.. The soundtrack for Judgement Night used this formula to experiment with the pairing of hip-hop artists and their corresponding rock bands.. Not to be confused with his 2003 breakout album of the same name, Get Rich Or Die Tryin ‘ the soundtrack features G-Unit members Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo, as well as fellow New York stalwarts Mobb Deep and MOP.. Notable track: “Itchin’ For A Scratch” by Force MDs. The Staten Island R&B group started as rap group Force MCs – this is one of the few recorded traces of their hip-hop past.

Rap and hip hop may be been seen by many as just street music, but amidst the number of rap songs about love, sex, guns, and money, there are some that have very powerful verses.  In a genre that has…

Rap and hip hop may be been seen by many as just street music, but amidst the number of rap songs about love, sex, guns, and money, there are some that have very powerful verses.. “Rap was always a pipe dream for me, but rap was all I had.. “I’m just making music.. Hip-hop, like all music, is a good thing.. “The only good thing about the 1980s was that they invented rap, but rap didn’t get good until 1992, so what does that say about the 1980s.” – Drew. “The question isn’t do he love ya the question is, do ya love yourself?. “My whole thing is to inspire, to better people, to better myself forever in this thing that we call rap, this thing that we call hip hop.” – Kendrick Lamar. I don’t think you can really change who you are, though, because who you are is pretty much where you came from and what you’ve done up to now.” – Eminem

People were quick to call Eminem's freestyle the best thing ever/ Here are 25 tracks that do it better

To declare that Eminem's freestyle about Trump is a turning point in hip-hop is lazy, uninformed.. So here are the 25 best rap protest songs (and some albums) across the nearly 40-year genre that put Eminem's freestyle in its proper place.. After the police killing of teenager Mike Brown in Ferguson, artistic outpour erupted within the hip-hop community.. And Cole spit out lines that summarized the brutality in a matter of words, like this one: "Can you tell me why/ Every time I step outside I see my n****s die," or "All we wanna do is break the chains off.". "Untitled" was not the original title for Nas' ninth studio album.. It glares at the oppressive systems in place dead on.. Arrested Development is known for their socially conscious lyrics, but "Revolution" is one of their most pointed.. By the end of the track, their frustration with America and its oppressive systems is palpable.. Even though the song was released before Trump even imagined a political career, Lupe addresses the Islamophobia that has been central to his ascent.. "The Message" is one of rap's earliest socially-conscious songs and help moved the genre from being just the soundtrack of the parties in which it began to an art form capable of telling tales of survival and resistance.. "Black America Again," Common , 2016. Indeed, it's a poignant song that tracks black life and survival from slavery to the present, connecting everything in between.. In this track, Pusha T departs from his usual retelling of the trials and tribulations of being a drug dealer to call attention to some of the recent high-profile killings of unarmed black people by the police, and how, even with video footage of such shootings, there's is no accountability or justice.. Oddisee dispels the talking points of the right in "Like Really," while taking some pointed shots at Trump.

Find 51 best motivational songs with motivational lyrics. I bet these 51 inspirational songs of all time will help you to overcome the challenges

If you are also a music lover, try listening to motivational songs or inspirational songs.. Suggested For You In this blog, I have compiled a list of famous 51 motivational songs with motivational lyrics and songs that will inspire you.. Lose yourself is a song that gets you off the bed and start your morning with the motivation and is one of the best upbeat motivational song. The song is basically an equality song with powerful motivational lyrics. Self-sufficient, self-made, and self-motivated are the main ingredients of this song which makes it a song with fill of inspiring and motivating lyrics.. The lyric of the song focuses on acknowledging the inner greatness which makes it one of the best motivational songs.. I remember one motivating line from the song “They wanna hold you back, tell’em pee off, whenever they say you can’t, take the T off.” This line really motivates me, so if you’re looking for a motivational rap song, go for Champion.. The song is motivational and inspirational both, additionally Emily Arrow’s voice is sweet as sugar which makes it one of the best motivational songs.

Laurent Fintoni and John Twells explore the best trip-hop albums, featuring Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead and more.

In London, Ninja Tune played yin to Mo’ Wax’s yang.. Tim Simenon might not be the most obvious pick for a trip-hop list, but Clear exhibits plenty of the genre’s hallmarks.. But remove its vocals and behold music that sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place on Mo’ Wax or Ninja Tune a few years later.. Without them, Portishead, Tricky and Massive Attack simply wouldn’t sound the same.. The conversation between trip-hop and IDM was very visible in the late 90s – Plaid being the most obvious example – but Maslen avoided many of the trappings of both scenes, emerging with a record that was probably “too future” for most beatheads.. (Mo’ Wax, 1994). Various Artists Funkjazztical Tricknology (Ninja Tune, 1995). Released in 1995, the first Ninja Tune compilation arrived between the two Headz volumes from Mo’ Wax, providing a perfect counterpoint that showed how similar yet different the London powerhouses were at the time.. Like many of the artists and albums featured in this list, Attica Blues is trip-hop thanks to the location and affiliations of its creators at the time.. Coldcut & DJ Food vs. DJ Krush Cold Krush Cuts (Ninja Tune, 1996). DJ Krush Meiso (Mo’ Wax / Sony, 1995). Beat, 1997). Various Artists Headz 2 (Mo’ Wax, 1996). DJ Shadow Endtroducing (Mo’ Wax, 1996). Beat, 1994)

'Our song is the slamming screen door, sneakin' out late, tappin' on your window...' | iHeart

Summer is finally here!. From throwback jams to current hits, if you're looking for the lines that most capture that forever feeling of summer — a carefree attitude, sun-kissed skin, the salt air — look no further.. Welcome to summer!. Is there any song that says “summer” more than “Summer Nights” from Grease?. Whether you’re a stickler for the John Travolta and Olivia Newton John original or can’t stop blasting Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit’s version, “Summer Nights” — and particularly the lyric above — perfectly capture the feeling of your first summer fling.. On “Warmth of the Sand,” he encapsulates that feeling of digging your toes into the beach, summer day stretched out ahead, when the only things you have to contemplate are those endless possibilities.. The telltale creak of the screen door is a sure sign of summer, and attempting to stealthily sneak out of it is certainly indicative of a summer romance.. ‘90s summer in a song, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime” brings back memories of those relaxing summer days of youth.. JT knows how it feels to want to turn a summer romance into something more serious.. It was difficult to pick just one line from Rascal Flatts’ “Summer Nights” to include on this list, but the allure of flip-flop tan lines and white sand beaches was impossible to resist.


1. DJ Kayslay - Rolling 110 Deep [Official Video]
(DJ Kayslay)
2. dead prez - Hip Hop (Official Video)
3. Roddy Ricch - The Box (Lyrics)
4. Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
5. SleazyWorld Go - Step 1 ft. Offset (Official Music Video)
(SleazyWorld Go)
6. Greatest Hits 90s Oldies Music 8 📀 Best Music Hits 90s Playlist 88
(Music Hits)

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