Texas cops refuse to say why it took three days to list mom as missing (2022)

Police in Texas are refusing to explain why it took three days to classify a San Antonio mother as missing after she left home with no phone or meds - but say the father of one of her sons is not a suspect.

Christina Lee Powell, 39, was last seen leaving her house on the morning of July 5 after she reportedly argued with her ex-boyfriend the night before, her family reported. She was only listed as missing on July 8, despite disappearing without her only means of contact, and vital medication.

A San Antonio Police Department spokesperson told DailyMail.com: 'This case is assigned to our Missing Persons Unit who continue to follow up on any information related to Christina Powell’s disappearance.

'At this time, there is no evidence to support any claims of foul play. Detectives have contacted several individuals who know Ms. Powell and all have been cooperative.' But they did not comment on why the three day time lag between her disappearance and the decision to report her missing had occurred.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman told Fox News Digitalon Thursday that Powell's ex who has not been identified - is 'absolutely cooperating' and 'is clearly not a person of interest.'

The couple share a three year-old son together.

Powell, who lived with her mother and two sons,was last seen on a Ring doorbell camera leaving her house at 10:34 a.m. on July 5, after calling in to her job as a paralegal to let them know she was running late.

She left in a black 2020 Nissan Rouge that is also missing, and her iPhone, medication and Apple Watch were left behind at home.

Powell's mother Claudia Mobley told Fox News Digitalthat she contacted police on July 6, and that an officer visited the home to take a report, but that it was three days before her daughter was officially classified as missing.

Christina Lee Powell, 39, was last seen leaving her house on the morning of July 5 after she reportedly argued with her ex-boyfriend the night before, her family reported. Police say the ex - who is also the father of her children - is not a person of interest in her disappearance

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus is pictured in June. His department have refused to say why it took three days to decide Christina Lee Powell was a missing person

Powell was driving this black 2020 Nissan Rouge that is also missing,plate number PYJ-8564

A missing person flyer issued by the SAPD for Powell is dated July 9, three days after Mobley first contacted police, andfour days after Powell was last seen

'Detectives have contacted several individuals who know Ms. Powell and all have been cooperative, the spokesperson added.

'Anyone who may have information on her whereabouts is asked to call our Missing Persons Unit at 210-207-7660.'

Powell lives in the quiet Apple Creek neighborhood with her two young sons and her mother, who toldFox News Digitalthat she didn't notice anything amiss the morning Powell disappeared.

'We didn't really have any kind of in-depth conversation. It was basically, 'Good morning.' She told me she was late,' she recalled. 'Then, she was leaving for work and I told her to be careful. And I probably told her, 'I love you.''

Mobley also said she did not think Powell's ex was involved in her disappearance. She said her daughter said they had a good visit Sunday, but then they argued.

'He wanted to be a family unit again and, you know, he was blaming her for them not being together anymore,' she said. 'I don't think he was involved.'

A missing person flyer issued by the department for Powell is dated July 9, three days after Mobley first contacted police, and four days after Powell was last seen.

Mobley said that her daughter left her iPhone on the bathroom counter when she left, and that family members later discovered her Apple Watch had been left somewhere in the home.

Mobley also said she saw her daughter drive away from the home in her black Nissan that is now missing along with her.

She said that while Powell isn't usually in such a rush to leave for work, there was not much else unusual about the morning.

'I felt like she was going, I believed she was going to work — and I think she felt like she was going to work,' said Mobley.

Doorbell footage showed her rushing out of her home on July 5. She hasn't been seen since

Powell, who was driving a black 2020 Nissan Rouge that is also missing, left her iPhone and Apple Watch at home because she was rushing to get to work

Mobley also said she saw her daughter drive away from the home in her black Nissan Rogue (above). A BOLO has been issued for the vehicle, with Texas tagsPYJ-8564

The San Antonio Police Department confirmed that its missing persons unit is investigating the case, saying that a 'Be On The Lookout' alert has been issued for Powell's missing vehicle.

Powell, who has blonde hair and brown eyes, stands five-foot-two and weighs 120 pounds, according to the missing persons flyer.

She was last seen wearing black pants, a black blouse, and carrying a white purse, and was driving the black Nissan SUV, plate number PYJ-8564.

Powell is the mother of two boys, ages three and 12.

Bexar County Records show that she was married at least once, in 2013, but her current marital status and custody arrangements for the two boys weren't immediately clear.

In 2018, Powell posted a photo of herself and her oldest son on Facebook with a banner promoting domestic violence awareness.

Her latest social media post, on June 10, was a 'puppy update' with photos of her two dogs, Oliver and Chevy.

Powell posted a photo of her new puppies on social media on June 10

Powell with her son in her Facebook profile photo in 2018

Powell is originally from New Haven, Conn., and graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, according to social media posts.

The mother's mysterious disappearance unfolded on the morning after Independence Day, when she was last seen leaving her home in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac in San Antonio'sApple Creek neighborhood.

Powell's friend Leal says that morning, July 5, the young mother called the law firm where she works as a paralegal to warn them she was running late.

Ring doorbell footage from Powell's home shows her walking briskly out of the door shortly after 10:30 a.m., a white purse under her shoulder.

But Powell appears to have left her phone and smartwatch in the house, her friends say, as she rushed to work.

She also left vital medication behind, they say. Police say that Powell suffers from a medical condition that requires a doctor's care, and have classified her as missing and endangered.

Nobody has seen or heard from the young mother since that morning.

Friends and familyhave all issued public appeals for any information about the missing woman's whereabouts

The route from her home to her workplace, near I-10 and Vance Jackson Road, covers roughly 7 miles and take about 15 minutes to drive.

In the week since she disappeared, Powell's friends and family have retraced her potential route to work, searching for signs of a car crash.

They've also checked in local hospitals, and even the county jail, but so far have turned up no clues to the young mother's whereabouts.

'The unknown is the scariest part,' family friend Lauren Leal told news station KENS 5. 'It is fear in my mind right now.

'It is hard to wrap our minds around where she might be, what could have happened.'

'We just want you home,' Leal told the local CBS affiliate.

'My fear is not ever knowing anything,' Leal said. 'I mean I think that would be the worst is spending the rest of my life looking for her. I will never give up.'

Anyone with information about Chrissy Powell is urged to contactSAPD's Missing Persons Unit at 210-207-7660.

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