But I wouldn’t get any respite soon. “You better lock her up now!” Mom said.

Lock me up?? Lock what up?? I couldn’t think, I suppose, my brain already had some kind of oxygen insufficiency, as breathing with this damned corset was really hard.

“I’ll better do so,” Dad assented from behind. Next thing I noticed him putting something gleaming and rattling around my waist from behind my back; Mum took a hold of it and had her hand between my legs, now pulling something up from underneath there, something mounted on a flexible rod. Carefully she placed it between my legs, covering my pubis with something the size of a small hand, with a lot of small holes in it, as I could see.

What the hell?? “Mom, please, what are you doing? What kind of thing is that?? I don’t want that…”

“Hush, dear! It’s nothing to worry about. Just something to give your father and me a quiet night.” She looked straight into my eyes. “You know, what men want, don’t you? They all just want one thing…”

“Men, I interrupted her, “What men? I’ll be together with Karen…”

“…and Tom and Dave – won’t you?” Mom inquired.

“They are boys; they are just my age, maybe a little older…”

“That sounds even worse in my ears! I remember all about such boys ! Oh, they are still experimenting… aren’t they, dear?”

Dad laughed at this. “Sure they are; but I say, no experiments tonight!”

Mom took over again. “Now, stop fighting, let me get this belt closed around your waist… Oh, you have such a slender waist now, you look gorgeous. There you go, all locked up now! Let’s see, take a few steps now…. Are you okay? Fine, no chafing there, I can see. I was walking around the room, fighting for breath, soon noticing the ever-present pressure of that steel thing between my legs. The crotch strip of my leotard underneath had a gentle touch at my clit, rubbing it with a constant move, back and forth, back and forth, for every step I took. I quickly became very aroused and soon had my hands at the front shield of that cursed chastity belt.

“Oh my,” Dad said, “I knew it would be a good thing to stop you from playing down there.”

What should I say? Could I tell him, that I did not want toplay down there, as he said, but that all I wanted was to pull the leotard out of the way, but that this f…. belt totally prevented me from doing so? He wouldn’t believe me, any way. “Okay dear,” Mom fell in, “you may now open the big box for your skirt.”


She handed me a large box, which apparently did not weigh very much, at least not for this size of the box. A skirt, mother had said, but skirts normally don’t come in such large boxes, do they? I opened the lid of it and a huge, black petticoat almost exploded into my face. My God, so many layers… I counted at least eight of them. It was definitely the fullest skirt I had ever seen; medium length, so that was fine, but now, as I held it in my hands, I noticed it was much heavier than I had thought at first. Did they really want me to wear that thing??

“Isn’t it pretty? Goth girls like petticoats, don’t they? Come on, let us see you in it, and lift up your arms!”

I did not want to lift up my arms, as I definitely did not want to be put into this monstrous skirt, but you know what? Any girl my age will automatically obey at these magic words: ‘lift up your arms’. We have simply heard that phrase much too often to do any thinking about it; so in the consequence, first my arms and then my head disappeared within these yards and yards of ticklish fabric. I almost had to fight my way through, and it was a painful fight, painful to my tender breasts, who now got the full treatment of those spikes within the cups of my horrible corset, as soon as I had my arms over my head.

Finally Mom tucked this huge petticoat in place over my waist; lower than the waist band of my chastity belt, I could see, so that was still in plain sight to everyone, as was the corset above.

I looked down, unhappy about what just had happened. This ridiculous skirt was so big!! Billowing all about me, and I could no longer see my feet!

“Terrific, absolutely terrific!” Dad sighed. Why did he sigh?? Was he wearing a crushing corset? Was he locked up in this stupid chastity belt?

“Oh yes, isn’t she?” Mom was flattering. “Oh, I wish I could be in your place! You look adorable! The boys will be all running after you!”

I doubted that. I had a guess; they would all be running away from me, as soon as they noticed where the crotch band of that metal belt went. Oh shit, I should not have thought of it, because I instantly felt that continuous itching at my most private parts again. Hmm, did I say ‘private parts’? Locked up behind thick, gleaming steel, were they still my private parts – or those of the key holder?

“Dad, have you got her boots ready?” Mother asked in the direction of my father. “Oh dear, Dad did not spare any expenses! The boots he got for you, simply cost half a million! They are from Italy, called ‘Rancho’ style, which is probably just the right thing for my little Goth girl!” Mother was frolicking now. “I think you better sit down on the sofa, then I will help you put the shoes on - there’s some lacing there, you know.”

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